Testimonials from Employers

“Thank you for lunch yesterday. I hope I was able to give you a clear understanding of the type of candidates that I always look for to fill my actuarial positions. The people I hire are usually in the top tier- high grade point averages, successful completion of exams on first try, disciplined, focused, mature, and polished. You can look at Megan and see the type of candidate we will hire. You run across those candidates- let me know.”
Human Resources Director


“Thank you for lunch at O’Charley’s this past Wednesday. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you better, and I appreciate your willingness to share your recruiting knowledge with me. I want to be proactive in recruiting the best and brightest candidates and I think we can work together to achieve the goal. Again, thank you.”
Director of Business and Career Development=


“The Director of Business and Career Development has called on Howard to provide high quality actuarial candidates. Hal is assessable and highly motivated. He is passionate about his business, and dedicated to matching quality candidates with appropriate jobs.”


Testimonials from Applicants

“I just wanted to send you a quick note of thanks for everything that you did to help me get the Actuarial Analyst job. When I first met you, I knew I wanted to pursue an actuarial career, but I wasn’t really sure what I was doing. Working in your office was very helpful to me. I got to meet people who hadn’t yet taken the exam, like me, along with people who has attempted it already, both successful and unsuccessful. I learned a lot from them. The class was helpful as well, the calculator tricks helped me to improve my speed, and I was able to complete Exam 1/P in only 2 hours. I also got tremendous benefits from tutoring the students that you set me up with. Not only could I help explain some complicated concepts to other students, but also it served as a review for me as well, and helped to keep me sharp. Also, I wanted to thank you for staying on top of things with the hiring company, during the interview process. I appreciate that you kept contacting them, reminding them about me, something that I was not in the position to do. Since I start with them next week, I just wanted to say thank you from your newest employed actuary.”


“I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed our interview on December 15th you gave a thorough explanation of the need for a score of a 6 on Exam 1/P as administered by the Society of Actuaries (SOA) before I could interview for any job openings with the companies. I was surprised by how much you and ACG are willing to assist prospective candidates in attaining a passing Exam 1/P score. Organizing an optional review class with a College level instructor would have been enough. But to also offer to fully reimburse the tuition of the class and only require a three month commitment to interview with the companies you represent, after passing the Exam P/1 has no downside. It was made clear that ACG is not a staffing or temp employment service but rather a recruiting company; therefore, I would not be working for ACG but for the actual company where I accept a position.”


I am really excited about this position. It was obvious from this morning’s interview that I would be a perfect fit for both the company and the positions. I feel as though I received more consideration working through you than if I had approached them individually, assuming I even discovered the opportunity to begin with. It took a lot of studying to get here, but it definitely seems worth it now. Hopefully things will keep moving this fast and I’ll be employed before my official scores are even released.