Actuarial Consulting Group Direct Placement

Often, it makes sense to have a new employee on your own payroll and benefits package immediately.

However, searching for qualified candidates can be time consuming and expensive. Let ACG help! With our broad pool for professionals, we can act as, or with, your human resources department to find and screen the right people for the job. Fees are based on a variety of factors-call and speak with ACG for details.

Actuarial Consulting Group Screen

ACG screen is a free screening service offered by ACG to its clients where you refer the applicants to ACG. We screen them using our wide variety of screening, or we can utilize your own standard interview questions and assessment instruments if you prefer. We will interview, screen, test, and perform reference checks on the applicants and forward the results to you. How much of your time has been spent in interviewing candidates who clearly do not meet your basic needs? ACG Screen will save you valuable time by enabling you to meet with only those candidates who meet or surpass your screening.

Experienced Staffing Coordinators

Our Staffing Coordinators work as a team to support you by evaluating, interview and selecting applications to fulfill you employment needs. We ensure your needs are met through:

  • Interviewing- In depth interviews done on a one-on-one basis
  • Testing- Individually performed based on skills and jobs interests
  • Reference Checks- We confirm every candidates prior work performance
  • Arrival Verifications-Made within 1 hour of the scheduled start time of each new assignment
  • Quality Control Calls- A call is made to obtain feedback on the candidate’s performance. If you are dissatisfied within the first 120 days of the candidate’s assignment, we will replace the candidate at no additional cost.

ACG Assessment Tools

ACG offers a complete evaluation process, which assesses the candidate’s abilities in areas such as: nursing, dental, actuaries and software. ACG periodically surveys its clients regarding what skills they expect workers to have. Along with that, ACG goal is to provide people trained in those areas most used in the business communities served.