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Duties and Responsibilities of an Actuary

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it covers a few of the duties expected of an entry level actuarial position. At this level, an actuary is expected to learn to review and analyze insurance company reports to determine sufficiency of premium reserves, adequacy of rates and rating plans, and soundness of insurance benefits and coverages. The actuary is also expected to review annual reports of insurance companies, summarizing company operations and activities. The actuary learns to perform detailed analysis of insurance forms, contracts, and sales material used by insurance companies. Learns to perform detailed actuarial calculations on allowable insurance rates, values, and benefits. Tasks include determining legal compliance of annuity, joint life, and other insurance policies developing cash value through the use of actuarial formula. An actuary prepares and maintains a variety of routine to complex records and reports including statistical data, actuarial and mathematical analytic reports, and accompanying written narrative.
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Passed P1 Exam

I am very excited to have passed Exam P and to have you as my guide in beginning my actuarial career! As you know, I have had a career in IT in both the insurance and pension fields. My position as a systems analyst in the insurance field allowed me to have contact with the actuarial staff. I am now very excited to be moving toward that career which will allow me to play a part in the decisions that drive the company I am working for, towards their future goals. As I have considered this career change, I desired a position that would allow me to continue to learn and expand my base knowledge. I am very glad that I found your company while reviewing opportunities on CareerBuilder. I appreciate greatly the time that you and Tracey have taken to assist me in beginning this new career.
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Passing P1 Exam

Thank you so much for working with me and helping me take the first steps to reaching my dream of entering the actuary profession. I have loved working with numbers from a very young age and thought being a math teacher would be the right profession for me. I wanted to be able to share my love of math with future generations and help raise and influence the children to be upstanding citizens in society. I soon realized after graduation that teacher was not my real passion.
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Getting Started

Growing up in our family, emphasis was put on church, education, and sports. I continue to strive to keep these three things as my priorities now, with education being combined with a career. Math was always the field that came the quickest for me, starting out with the "one minute math" quizzes in elementary school. While math can't always be as fun as in those days, calculus in high school made me realize I wanted to be able to use numbers as part of my career. From talking to the various people who I went to college with, there is usually a teacher that, for lack of a better term, gets you "fired up" towards a certain filed. I was no different, having a statistics teacher that transformed my desire to work in the field of mathematics from an idea into a plan.
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Critique of Probability Exam Review Course

Prior to beginning the review course online, I must admit that I grossly underestimated the difficulty of this exam. After the first few weeks of the course, however, I began to realize that it wasn't going to be as straightforward as I had anticipated. I had taken a course over this material in college but the tests were only basic reviews of the material, unlike the more challenging comprehensive questions this test is composed of. This being said, I think this course was a very helpful review of the material we needed to be able to apply to the exam questions, but it didn't teach us the comprehensive problem solving skills necessary to be successful on the exam. My only major suggestion would be to address this very issue.
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P1 Exam

First off, I would like to thank you for the wealth of knowledge about the Actuary field you have provided me. Actuary Resources is a perfect name for your company, because you could not have provided me with more resources to pursue my career. However, I believe my poor background in Calculus is coming back to haunt me. I have done poorly on all practice exams and even the "easy" problems in the book sections. Therefore, I have decided to take my career in another direction. I fear that even if I pass the P1 exam, which I am afraid would take a great deal of luck, I would be unable to perform my job duties in a way that would satisfy me or employer. Again, I want to thank you for the resources and information you have provided me to help me.
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